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Photo Credit: Jacobsen Valentine

"When life hands you a broken heart, use the fragments of your deepest pain to create beautiful art."

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Speaker. Trainer. Educator.
heARTivist. Poet. Performer. Writer.

She brings a culturally relevant framework to:

  • Healing from Trauma

  • Black youth leadership development

  • Culturally grounded Social Emotional Learning


  • "Your words resonated so deeply and shook my soul."

  • "All I can say is WOW, thank you for reminding me to forgive others and myself for our trauma."

  • "I have trained people on trauma and attended seminars and trainings but have rarely seen someone with so much vulnerability and provided so much useful information."

  • "If I didn't attend even one other webinar, this session would have made the entire conference worthwhile."

"She's not an unsung hero. She's a hero who has been in plain sight in our community. But, because she's so effective, she always reflects back the glory on others. And she never seeks the limelight ... When you live in this community , you really deeply appreciate the people who make it a better place  ... Renee has brought such beauty and such joy and such depth to our community."

~ the late Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish

 Learn about Renee's latest project inspired by two pandemics: COVID-19 & racism:

 Join the Black Joy Revolution:


Africana Paradigms, Practices and Literary Texts: Evoking Social Justice

This book, released in 2021, contains 13 chapters of social justice writings from Black scholars around the country, including Dr. Mitchell's chapter - "When Will We Learn? It's Not Their Heads, It's Their (Broken) Hearts" about her transformational  work with Black youth.

Tangoing With Tornadoes

Her debut novel is an empowering story to remind readers not to give others the responsibility to love you more than you love yourself.

This rhyming children's book tells the story of a shy girl who finds her voice in the face of bullying and becomes a SUPER HERO. Writing activities/curriculum compliment the story.

The Awakening of Sharyn

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