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Renee has written at least one libretto and seven plays, some full pieces, some 10-minute productions. She credits the theater for helping her evolve from a shy, introverted child to a confident speaker and performer.  "Theater is definitely a vaccine to low self-esteem."

"Sacrificing Justice" 

This interview (left) and short play explores a dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter that is so heavy with unresolved issues that not even death can interfere with a necessary resolution. The two amazing Portland, OR, actresses are Shelly B. Shelly and Jocelyn Seid.

As an acting/speaking coach and the director of her play, "Tangoing With Tornadoes," I found Renee to be an extraordinary speaker and actress. She has great presence and a voice that is compelling; one wants to listen to it for a long time. Her stories and her use of language excites both your imagination and heart.


Barbara Kite, President, Barbara Kite Inc., Portland OR

"Bourbon at
the Border"
by Pearl Cleage

This was a heartfelt journey with May and Charles Thompson, two unremarkable people who were trapped in the aftermath of a remarkable time, as they try to make sense of how their dreams of changing the world turned into a nightmare that changed their lives forever. 

"Portland's Hidden History"

This is just a brief excerpt of the rehearsal of the play about Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, that Renee wrote in collaboration with three classes of third graders at Buckman Arts Magnet School. The team had about 8 days to take it from script to stage.

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   "Words have power.

Choose them wisely."