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   "Words have power.

Choose them wisely."

I Write, I Write, I Write

(c) 2014 S. Renee Mitchell

This is Renee's original painting

depicting Maya Angelou

i imagine Mama Maya
u would have little patience
with being swept away by relentless grief
that leaves us with no words to sing
& steals the natural rhythm

of our generous hips
i can hear yr deep & enchanting voice
“u know better, chile, now do better
u knew i was getting old”
& yet u are eternally & powerfully present
as we all should be
dutifully aware of how quickly life unfolds
i lean into its mysteries
& the wild beauty of the unknown
i surrender & i write
i write with gratitude
for each moment i still have left
to give & receive love
i write because u inspired me, Mama Maya
to mine my sorrow for pearls of ancient wisdom
for beauty that makes the sadness seem worthwhile
i write because that’s all i have
that’s all i know
that’s who i am
& when age creeps in slowly
bends my limbs & aches my back
til the act of writing is more foe than friend
i too will part this earthly shell
gratefully & without regret
i will meet you where you are, Mama Maya
one day
until then
i write
i write
i write