I Write, I Write, I Write

(in memory of Maya Angelou)
© 2014 S. Renee Mitchell

i imagine Mama Maya
u would have little patience
with being swept away

by relentless grief
that leaves us with no words to sing
& steals the natural rhythm

of our generous hips ...


Power to the People

(in memory of Nelson Mandela)

(c) 2014 S. Renee Mitchell


arm up eyes wide

black fist raised high

Nelson Mandela


between the moments

of our simple lives

from a mere man

to an international icon ...


When Poets Die

(in memory of Amiri Baraka)

© 2014 S. Renee Mitchell


amiri baraka is dead

& maya angelou asks

how do we go on

when poets die ...



In Memory Of ...



My Twysted Healing Manifesto

(in memory of Elliot Rodger)
© 2014 by S. Renee Mitchell

i might surprise u
for harboring compassion for a killer
he died the same way he lived
desperately  violently  pathetically
hoping someone anyone
would stop & take notice ...

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Healing Hands

(in honor of black midwives)

© 2015 S. Renee Mitchell


I wonder

if u have ever taken the time

to celebrate yr hands

u who are our black midwives


wisdom warriors

carriers of history in yr palms ...


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   "Words have power.

Choose them wisely."