"My power is worth more than your beautiful lies"

Tangoing With Tornadoes


Why are we continuously giving away our power to those who do not respect or deserve it? Why is receiving someone else's love more important to us than discovering and appreciating our own self-love?


Krista Love is an overweight and insecure newspaper reporter in Portland, OR, trying to manage her sometimes dysfunctional relationships with her abusive man, her emotionally ambivalent mother, her bossy best friend and her drug-addicted twin sister.


Along her tumultuous journey, Krista discovers the healing power of poetry to help reclaim her voice, which had been so long buried under the needs of others in her life; and to rehabilitate her bruised sense of self.  This is a healing and empowering story of the importance of not giving others the responsibility to love you more than you love yourself.  After all, your power is worth more than someone's lies.

This book immediately engaged me from page one! I felt like I intimately knew the characters in the story, had lived parts of their lives. I found myself experiencing every emotion, so colorfully and exquisitely described. This book is juicy and real, sad and funny, endearing and potent but most of all healing. It reminded me to value myself, to care for myself and love myself ...


Brenda Morgan, Portland, OR ~ 

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   "Words have power.

Choose them wisely."