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   "Words have power.

Choose them wisely."

Writing Teacher

This is one of Renee's favorite projects through Saturday Academy. She helped design high school curriculum for a weeklong Social Justice Camp at the University of Portland, but Renee ended up as the only main facilitator. This is the video of the students performing songs and poems that they wrote after learning about poverty, gender and racial discrimination, water rights, etc.

Renee has been a professional teaching artist for Wordstock, Literary Arts, Saturday Academy, Young Audiences, Regional Arts & Culture Council and many other Portland-based literary organizations. However, many students see writing as an exercise in frustration. So, Renee helps make writing relevant, with a lot of encouragement, guidance and hands-on creative approaches.

S. Renee Mitchell was an inspiring teacher at the Saturday Academy Social Justice Academy. I've been an educator for 30 years and Renee is one of the best teachers I've encountered. 


Wendy Thompson, former Education Coordinator

Saturday Academy, Portland, OR

This is a video of a writing project Renee did at Rosa Parks Elementary School, in partnership with Wordstock. she taught the children an original song about the 5Ws and had then draw a picture of themselves. They tied it together into a quilt to hang in their classroom.

This is a video of a Super Hero Awakening Ceremony Renee did at a bookstore in Portland, where she shared the value of literacy and building self-esteem. The children also made masks and capes to encourage the children to feel like Super Heroes!