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Dr. Mitchell is well-known in Portland for her years as a metro columnist for The Oregonian, where she was nominated twice for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize and named No. 1 newspaper columnist in five western states by the Society of Professional Journalists regional chapter.


Today, she is best described as a Creative Revolutionist™, which includes being a keynote speaker, trainer, novelist,  educator, playwright, spoken word poet, lyricist, curriculum designer, and multi-media heARTivist. Her authentic effervescence will remind you of a unique combination of Oprah Winfrey and poet Maya Angelou.


Dr. Mitchell is also the visionary behind I Am M.O.R.E. (Making Ourselves Resilient Everyday), a heART-focused youth development program. She developed I Am M.O.R.E.'s theory of change, called Empowered Resilience™ , as a doctoral candidate at the University of Oregon (2021). Renee has created an award-winning, evidence-based example of how to empower and build hope and resiliency in Black youth with profound love, culturally relevant SEL skill building, and youth voice-centered programming.


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RENEE'S DEEPEST DESIRE : Help people use their innate creativity to find their unique voice and then use it to let go, gather up and move on.

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Keynote Speaker

Poetry Performance


Educational Consultant

Youth-Voice Advocate

Here's what you can take to the bank:


  • RENEE IS AUTHENTIC. She loves what she does and it shows. She give her audiences not just a speech or a performance, but an experience.


  • RENEE IS A PRO. She goes the extra mile, arriving early and staying afterward to listen to the people waiting to share their stories.


  • RENEE CATERS. She writes original messages based on your needs and expectations. She performs poetry to address your specific theme.


  • RENEE CONNECTS. She reminds strangers of all ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds and professions of our shared humanity.


  • RENEE RESONATES. Long after she has left the stage, your audience will want to discuss, analyze and remember her meaningful message.

Click LINK for podcast interview with Renee


After a successful career as a newspaper journalist, Renee focused on developing her art and then became the only Black teacher at Roosevelt High, Oregon's most diverse high school, for several years. While there, she founded the award-winning, Black youth-empowerment and resiliency-building initiative called I Am M.O.R.E.

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Learn about Renee's personal journey to healing

"Transformed by My Trauma"

  • 2020-22 - SEL In Action Award 

            (NoVo Foundation / Education First)

  • 2020-ongoing - Community Weaver

             (Aspen Institute)

  • 2019-20 - Spirit of Portland Award 

             (City of Portland)

  • 2019-20 Social Emotional Learning Innovation Award 

             (NoVo Foundation / Education First)

  • 2018 - Community Engagement Award 

            (White Bird dance presentation company)

  • 2018 - Sweet Taste of the Arts Award

         (PassinArt: A Theatre Company)

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